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You are what you eat. The same can be said about what you cook with.

Designed to last a lifetime

We opened our workshop with one simple goal: to make the best knives we could. Knives that would combine the finest materials with revolutionary design and meticulous handcrafting. Knives that would last a lifetime and beyond. Knives designed to unleash your creativity.


  • Individually Handcrafted.
  • 67 Layers of premium AUS10 Japenese folded steel hammered finish “Tsuchime” to reduce the drag of the knife.
  • Exclusive VG10 Japanese steel coated in titanium with taper ground razor sharp blade to last a lifetime.
  • Double bevel edge for both right and left handed use.
  • 16 Degree edge angle for optimal sharpness.
  • Beautifully finished stabilized Canadian maple grips, designed for exceptional handling.
  • Perfectly engineered blade design and blade thickness for perfect balance.


Myoshi knives started from a profound passion for high quality chef knives, combined with clean designs and natural art. Immersed in the fundamentals of professional Japanese cutlery, Myoshi knives set out to make cooking an inspiring experience. It is our belief that a high-end professional knife set should be more than mere cooking tools. It should be a work of art. It should inspire. 
Myoshi knives was created by world renown sword-marker Eyal Azerad and founder of Darksword Armory Inc. For the past 23 years, Darksword Armory has been a source of Medieval swords & armors; and historically inspired knives. Darksword has been commissioned by important film and gaming companies to design historical and fantasy swords as well as historical knifes. Being a professional sword-maker and backed by years of scholarly research, his experience affords him a unique perspective on what makes a blade effective and elegant in both form and function.


We’ve made your decision to move to Myoshi Knives vital and alluring.
The feel of Nature at your grasp paired with exceptional high tech steel work on our uniquely designed blades
compliments the whole cooking experience while exposing your art and passion of cookware that you deem symbolic.


Get your highly anticipated Myoshi knife set fast and without cost as a benefit of our high regard to ensure your comfort by eliminating a poor buying experience. You can return your Myoshi Knives anytime within our satisfaction guarantee with no hassle returns. Guaranteed!


We are dedicated to ensuring that you are always without regret and annoyance by providing a Free Sharpening Lifetime Guarantee 
which will allow you to send us your duly purchased Myoshi knives and make them as functional as the date of their creation.


We are committed to our customer satisfaction endeavours, which means, we need to let you know when and how we can help to make your Myoshi life even better as time goes on. Make sure to get in the loop on adept tips and knowledge on how to preserve your Myoshi knives, or just get an awesome promotion to give the perfect gift to someone you care about.