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individually hand crafted

We have individually hand crafted our Myoshi Knives to feature a premium AU10 ultra high end VG10 Japanese Steel with a titanium steel coating for ultimate corrosion resistance.  Each stock of VG10 is folded to repeatedly improve the strength of the blade while removing impurities in the steel. When cooking with Myoshi Knives, you are cooking with prime materials for ease and confidence that the best is possible when constructing the mood of those around you.

The design was matured to last a lifetime. 

The Edge was forged to support a razor sharp profile, which can handle the abuse that kitchen knives were destined for.

Convex Grind is the terminology when it comes to defining our edge geometry. Without precisely engineered design and substantial integrity. A knife is just a knife, without heart and strength. Myoshi is designed to be suited to a class that respects those elements, which makes Myoshi a force of soul and power.

 We made 67 layers, not because it’s fancy, but because it is the new measure of minimal requirement.

You are what you eat. The same can be said about what you cook with.

Be in touch with what matters in life.