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Myoshi knives are driven by organic artistry and rigorous composure

We developed this series to boast significance in craftsmanship and deliver a premium set of elements that would manifest a sense of accomplishment and establish a commitment to the nature and art of cooking.

A wise Buddha once said

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”

This is true for many things in life. We spend our best times in life enjoying people and what revolves around human activity. The one thing that will always bring people together is the passion of cooking and revitalizing the way we feel. Food and culture creates reminiscent innervation.  Cooking worthy food creates memories to last a lifetime.

Desire for Inspiration is what we strive for.

Leading Myoshi is renowned Sword maker Eyal Azerad

Partnered with Designer Oliver Tordjman and Engineer Michael Kaufmann. We can bring prosperity to combine both beauty and resilience. We strongly believe that pairing organic natural materials with everyday gastronomic formalities will enhance any cooking experience in means of comfort and utility.

We built Myoshi Knives to be worthy of your new standard. We dream that you use Myoshi the way it should be used. With your next creation!