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Designed by chefs, handmade by Master Blacksmiths and hand sharpened to give you the sharpest knife for your kitchen

  • $700.00

    8” chef knife (titanium) The Myoshi Titanium coated 8” chef knife is the most robust knife available in our Kickstarter campaign. Hand crafted with a…

  • $500.00

    8” chef knife.  The Myoshi premium Japanese steel 8” chef knife is the flagship knife of the series and the perfect tool for the bulk of your cooking tasks. Long enough to chop the most awkward shaped cuts, but sized for comfort and dexterity, this type of knife is the most important tool in a chef’s kitchen. The 8” chef knife, made with 67 layers of premium 2.5mm thick AUS10 Japanese folded steel, has a broad blade tapering up to a point which allows the knife to rock back and forth in a skilled chef’s hands while dicing, mincing, or performing other essential tasks. This version of the chef’s knife comes with a hammered finish called “Tsuchime” to reduce the drag of the knife.     


    6.5” utility knife. The 6.5” utility knife is an exceptionally balanced knife for miscellaneous cutting tasks. Larger than a paring knife, but shorter than the chef knife, the utility knife is good for cutting larger vegetables and meat. The shorter length gives greater balance and ease of use, allowing for agile handling for delicate tasks. A utility knife is an important sidearm for every chef, filling in the gap between larger and smaller kitchen cutting utensils. The Myoshi utility knife is made with 67 layer of premium 2.0 mm thick AUS10 Japanese folded steel and comes with a “Tshuchime” (hammer) finish to reduce the drag of the knife.


    5” paring knife. The Myoshi 5” paring knife is an extremely versatile tool that can be used in a wide variety of ways. An essential kitchen knife, the paring knife is mainly used for peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables, preparing garnishes, and trimming fat from premium cuts of meat.  The 2.0mm thick blade is extremely comfortable to handle and passes effortlessly through fruits, vegetables, and meats.  The blade is made of premium AUS10 Japanese folded steel and comes with a hammered finish to reduce the drag of the knife.